Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sofa Love

April 21, 2011
Last night my mother sent me a picture of a simple and perfect Billy Baldwin sofa. The e-mail was title "perfection". And that it was. There is nothing better than a great sofa. It is the anchor in all living areas. A sofa needs to have so many uses.

Your sofa needs to be comfortable enough to entertain but not so comfortable that your guests are sleeping on it. It needs to be just the right size. Not to big, not to small. And most importantly it needs to be the space where you can lounge all day catching up on your DVR and eating your Haagen Dazs out of the container. Now, that does not mean that it needs to recline and come with a cooler and remote caddie built in. Here are a few pics of some great sofas in fabulous rooms that are both fashionable and functional and I would certainly like to take a nap on them anytime.

Digging the unique shape of this sofa.

Some super sleek chaise's in Sweden.

A Tuxedo Sofa

This look could definitely be achieved with some paint and a trip to Ikea.

Love the back to back sofa's in this Greenwich CT living room

Sofa is clean and simple, the room is AWESOME!

A Billy Baldwin Sofa. Love.

This room in the Hampton's has sofa's that were made for entertaining.

Pottery Barn, easy.

A real simple sofa in Real Simple magazine.

A bathtub chaise. I know not so comfortable, but I still love it.

Love how these sofa's really pul the room together so effortlessly.

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