Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ode to Purple

I love purple. And I don't mean kind of love/like purple. I mean, LOVE it. It all started at Neiman Marcus around 1986. I was four and apparently threw the world's biggest fit over a pair of purple Baby Bots with rhinestones. I mean seriously, who would not want purple shoes with rhinestones?
Now, 26 years later my love for the color has never changed. And I can actually say the word with out it coming out sounding like pulpul. Yay, for speech therapy! Anyway, here are some lovely pulpul rooms that I hope will give you the same feeling about this color that I carry with me always. Enjoy!

Love this room's modern but warm feel. Looks like something
Nate Berkus would have done

You don't see purple kitchen cabinets often. I like it!

I can't put my finger on why I like this room. Anybody?

Not a fan of the entire room, but appreciate the use of color.

Awesome room for a girl or a guest room at a beach cottage.

A Steven Gambrel design. Purple leather chair, yes please.

Can't get much cooler than purple ghost chairs.

A very chic take on purple.

Love the pop of the purple ceiling.

A modern claw foot tub in purple! Hello!
A John Saladino design

Geometric purple

Hate the tiger stripe pillows. Love the touch of red.

Elegantly purple. Like the pop of yellow.

A retro take on purple.

I am sorry, I just had to. Words really can not describe how I feel about this.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Coming Out of The Closet

I am a gypsy. I have been for a few years. Washington, Miami, Africa, Cayman Islands, and now Charleston. What a whirlwind! Now I am not complaining, at all. I have had some incredible adventures that I would not trade for anything. But I have to say, living out of a suitcase has started to wear thin on me. Then last week my mom suggested I put a shoe rack in my car. And I actually I thought to myself, that is not a bad idea. Seriously?!

What I would love most, is to just have all my stuff in one place and to have one giant closet to put it all in. I don't need a huge house or even a great big bathroom bathroom. All I want is just one massive, perfectly organized closet. So it made me think, if I were to pick my perfect closet, what would it look like? So here are a few celebrity closets that would certainly fit the bill for me and I think just about every girl I know. But I guess for now I am going to be looking into clothing bars and shoe racks that could fit in my Mini Cooper.

Aerin Lauder. Digging the desk.

I don't know a man who wouldn't love Ralph's closet.

Tamara Mellon ( aka Jimmy Choo) with her
unbelievable shoe collection.

The pop of orange looks fab in Tory Burch's killer wardrobe.

Loving the simplicity of Nate Berkus' NYC closet.

Pleasantly surprised that Rachel Zoe has a totally disheveled closet.

Would you be surprised if I told you this closet belonged to Paris Hilton?
Probably not.

Mariah Carey's closet does not totally do it for me.
But beggars can't be choosers.

Kelly Wearstler always does it right.

I like how Eva Longoria's closet has a slight masculine look to it.

Nikki Hilton looking very chic with her simplistic style.

Okay this one below may not be the biggest but it certainly is the best. And if you don't know who it belongs to then you have rocks in your head and we are no longer friends ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

RED RUM..Or should I say RED ROOM

So, tomorrow night is The American College of the Building Art's annual Red Party. It is a fantastic Halloween party in Charleston at the Old City Jail. When the "beau" informed me that we would be attending, I scratched my head a little and thought, what in the world will I wear to a red party? Red is not my color. It is not my color for an outfit or lipstick and it is certainly not my color for decorating. But it got me thinking, is there a red room out there or ways you can use pops of red in a room that is klassy, not trashy? (And yes, that is klassy with a k.) Well, I found my answer, yes, there is. Here are some examples of using this vixen color in a pretty fab way.

Oh, and not to worry folks, I figured out a perfect outfit with the perfect pop of red.

Love this turquoise kitchen with it's vintage look and perfect pop of red.

Red pagoda wall paper, I am a fan!

Love these red velvet benches. Wish this look was in a house instead of a showroom with it's ugly example of red, an exit sign.

A perfect dining room by Tobi Fairley.

Loving this Suzanne Kasler design. That red wall just catches the eye.

Tiniest pops of red with a huge impact.

The red room in the White House. Designed by Jackie Kennedy Onassis, with Nancy Reagan looking stunning in it. Love!

This is more of a version of a red room. Digging the turquoise foo dog.

From Elle Decor. What really caught my eye is the antique oushak rug. If only I could get my hands on that sucker.

This room makes me feel like I should be laying on that couch talking about my life problems. Love that wall.

Simple yet a little sassy.

Textile Queen, Lisa Fine's Paris Apartment.

Don't love this room but love the red lacquered chair.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Birds of a Feather

I really love birds. They are so peaceful in the sky and they sing such sweet songs. And you have got to love those peacock feathers. The problem is, birds hate me. I have a horrible track record with them. There was the pigeon in Spain who assumed that I was a bathroom. The attacking birds that lived outside my front door in the Cayman Islands. They liked to dive bomb me every time I was with in five feet of their tree. And then of course there was the tragic deaths of my brothers parakeets. All I can say is, it was an accident.

No matter how bad my luck with birds has been I will always love looking at them in the sky or in a tree. But lately, I have loved looking at them on a wall. I have fallen in love with all of the different wallpapers out there with these gorgeous creatures soaring across. From ostrich's to parrots, a print with birds brings a room to such a different level of elegance and sophistication. And luckily for me, I can look at them all day with out one worry of something going wrong.

Love the canary yellow.

A room by designer Sarah Story.

One of my favorites. Designed by Natalie Clayman.

How can a bunch of ostrich's with their heads in the sand
not bring a smile to your face. A room by Michelle Adams.

Attack of the sparrow's. Had to throw a DON'T in here somewhere. EEK!

Simple, soft, sweet.

Love how the bold orange chairs pop on the soft green wall.

The statue is terrifying, of course. But the wallpaper is fantastic.

Love the pops of color in this room.

I think wallpaper on the ceiling is extremely under rated.

Yes, please. A dressing room at Trina Turk.

Shabby chic is not always my thing but I am digging the bird cages in this room.

Could have gone wrong but it works.

Slightly dated but still fabulous. Makes me want some tea.