Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"It's Getting Hot in Here!"

June 1, 2011
There is nothing worse than Washington DC in the summer. Don't get me wrong, this is a great city but when the heat index hits 105 degrees and you live in downtown DC, you don't even want to leave your apartment. These are the days that I am craving getting back to Kiawah and having that cool ocean breeze on my face and that icy cold firefly and lemonade in my hand. But that is just wishful thinking for now.
To make myself feel a little better I am sitting in my bedroom with it's cool blue walls and the blinds closed thinking only cool thoughts. So to make you feel a little better and cool you down here are some beautiful blue rooms to admire while you dream about the ocean too.

I am now going to go and paint my floors blue too!


Velvet in the City! mmm.

Love this ceiling, I would lay in bed all day just staring at the ceiling.

A simple take on monochromatic from Martha Stewart.

Periwinkle is sooo under used. Love!

So relaxed. So calming.

Simple stripes in House Beautiful.

A fun take on blue. Loving the lucite bench with polka dots!

I have used this one before but I just adore this wallpaper.

Blue, beachy, perfection! Thanks, Elle Decor.

Modern Blue.